Various types of solar powered driveway lights

solar powered driveway lights

Solar powered driveway lights are devices which convert energy from the sun’s rays into light. Solar Powered Lights are great for garden areas as they do not require any electricity to run, and they are also environmentally friendly. The following is a look at some of the most popular types of solar powered lights, and their benefits are.

Street Lamps

Solar-powered street lamps will provide a focal point in any garden area. They can also be used to line a driveway for a dramatic entrance to your home. Many solar powered street lamps will come with a motion sensor which will detect when a person or car is near and then activate the light. These lamps are available in a range of heights, colours, and shapes, so there is a style of lamp to suit all tastes and budgets.


Solar powered lanterns are the same as traditional lanterns, but they use solar energy, instead of gas or batteries to produce light. They are great for lighting up outdoor areas, or for placing on outdoor tables to create a beautiful ambience. Lanterns can be hung onto hooks and placed in prominent areas throughout your garden to add a magical look and feel of your home.

solar powered driveway light


Solar spotlights are designed to shine a small and powerful point of light. They will often come with small spikes attached on to them which will allow you to secure them into the ground. They can be positioned in flower beds or around the base of a tree to illuminate them.

Security Lights

Security solar powered lights can be positioned on the walls of a roof of the property. They will automatically light up when someone walks in front of them.

Where to Purchase Solar Powered Lights

The best place to purchase any of the above types of solar powered driveway lights is a specialist online retailer. These retailers will have the largest range of models to choose from. All the key retailers will have a website where you can view photographs and specifications on the models that they offer, as well as information on how to order.